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Our company trades excellent quality fresh chestnuts coming from the best Italian places, mainly from Colli Cimini producing area. Our product is put into cold water according to our ancient tradition to maintain it long and then it is put into hot water for disinfestation.

  Available packaging:

  • 500 gr nets, in plastic holders (twenty nets for each holder). 72 holder pallets (720 kg each) 
  •  5 Kg and 10 Kg net sacks.
  •  25 kg. and 5 kg Jute sacks.
Minimum marketable quantity from 100 kg up according to transportation:

  • Forwarding by aeroplane: holders for number 180 sacks of 25 kg. each (tot: 4500 kg.)

  • Forwarding by fridge containers of 20' M/T 11,5 and 40' M/T 19,5

  • Forwarding by road on request.

Marketing period: every year from October to December.
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