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    Our firm is on fresh and dried chestnuts international market. It was set up in 1956 as an  individual firm and has gone on as a general partnership since 1975.
 We have then got a great experience in exporting dried and fresh chestnuts from the best Italian producing areas, as well as in exporting self produced chestnut flour and pine-nut kernels of excellent quality. Our product is easily recognizable through our trade mark, a panther inside a circle with the initials A and N, which is well known and largely requested.
  As for the way we process our product we collect fresh chestnuts in the producing areas, we put them in cold water according to an ancient Italian tradition, then in hot water to disinfest from grubs and nits without using additives of any sort. Then the gauging, the selection and at last the packaging.
  As for the chestnut flour, which is produced in our establishment, the process consists of the milling of the most suitable varieties of dried chestnuts using a special mill so as to obtain a very thin powder, which is very appreciated on the market and is also gluten free.
The remaining products are packaged on request and distributed.